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Born and raised in Houston, artist Rob Marchand works in painting, sculpture, photography and digital design. Marchand's fine art style is abstract yet precise. His work blends themes from drafting and contemporary architecture with a gritty street art style that creates unique and detailed layouts of abstraction.


Marchand was raised in a creative household. His mother was an artisan entrepreneur who was always crafting and developing new ventures. His father was an architect and woodworker from a small town family that owned a local hardware store. With these influences combined, Marchand's creative gene was nourished.


His journey began in high school, where he was always known for documenting the lives of his friends. He constantly carried a camera and has stacks of old tapes and photos from friendly gatherings, parties and skate sessions. He has always had an eye for directing interesting and inspiring images that a viewer can feel passionate about. As an artist he has created in a variety of mediums and displayed his work across numerous outlets. He started his career in video production in 2003, and for over 17 years he worked on projects ranging from documentaries to company overviews to national advertising campaigns. Exploring all aspects of the video production world from videography, editing and graphic design, to writing, directing and producing. While he enjoyed this career for many years, his passion for physical artwork grew.  His photography portfolio was growing and so was his interest in drawing and painting.


In 2020, as a result of the global pandemic, the video production world was one of the many industries that was hit hard. Work dried up and Marchand was laid off from his day job. With his new found free time, Marchand began to focus on his paintings and sculpture. He is happy to be pursuing his passion and to have found a new home in Denver, Colorado. When not in the studio, Marchand enjoys time with his wife and two young sons.

Past Exhibitions:

Brave Art - Gallery Skye, Houston, group exhibit, 09.05.21 - 10.03.21

Architecture II, A Contemporary Collective - Envision Arts Online, group exhibit, 10.01.21 - 10.31.21

Rough DraftGallery Skye, Houston, featured artist exhibition, 10.09.21 - 10.24.21

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